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"Time's Poseidon"

Having only recently reconciled on the ship and still dealing with the aftermath of the events on Sibalt the Sera's crew once more finds itself fragmented. 

Commander Salvek and Zander Blakeslee are forced to take the Alchemy to Vulcan to give answers about Salvek's involvement in T'Dara's death. 

Several members of the crew go to the Earth for shore leave but for very few does it prove to be anything close to relaxing. Doctor Hartcort attempts a procedure to restore Tress' hearing but the possibility stirs up powerful conflicting feelings with the girl's adopted family. 

Meanwhile Rada Dengar's resequencing shows clear signs of unravelling completely and taking the man he is with it, forcing him to be sent off the ship alone only to return if he can be helped in time by the one woman who possibly can save him.

However that any of the crew off the ship will ever have a chance to return looks doubtful when William Lindsay's hunt for corruption takes a deadly turn. Knowing they've been exposed the rogue agents reveal they have an unexpected trick up their sleeve...


The Sera's command crew is assigned to visit Sibalt, a small planet designated for use as an advanced training environment for Starfleet officers.

During three days of planned wargames, survival training and tactical drills, the crew discovers that they must take teamwork to a whole new level if they're going to escape with their lives; forced to battle an unexpected threat directed toward one of The Alchemy Project's most colorful officers...

"One Day, Every Hundred Years"

Admiral Lassiter's wrath knows no limits as she lays blame for the loss of the Zenith's crew. She begins at the top, removing Captain Zanh Liis from her command and then proceeds to strip the heart of the Serendipity's crew away, one person at a time.

The command crew of the Sera refuses to give up on their captain, however, rallying around her. Keiran O'Sullivan seeks the truth behind Lassiter's fury, and the Admiral is forced to come to terms with losses past and present.

Meanwhile, Rada Dengar's family and friends must try to cope with their new reality after the Chief Engineer's memory resequencing procedure is what Command calls a resounding success...


The brand new, Sovereign class Federation flagship, USS Zenith has disappeared while on her maiden voyage- along with her entire crew of eight hundred and seventy two souls.

With one of those souls being the son of Alchemy Project's Director Admiral Gemini Lassiter, Zanh Liis and the crew of the Serendipity know that they can waste no time in trying to solve the mystery.

They must find the Zen and her crew before news of the ship's disappearance spreads throughout the quadrant.

“Commander Lassiter, getting some real heavy distortions ahead. Sensors can’t get any readings. I think we should stop.” Lieutenant Swift reported from the science station.

“Hmm?” Nick was too busy reading to have heard what was just said.

“I said, I recommend we stop the ship. There are serious distortions ahead.”

“OK. All stop.”

“Answering all stop.” The helmsman reported.

Lassiter regarded the twisted space before them. The stars themselves seemed to be wrapping around some unseen point ahead of them.

“Maybe we should back off a bit. One hundred kph, reverse thrusters.”

“Aye sir.”

There was a brief burst from the thrusters, and the ship crawled slowly away from the phenomenon.

“Starfleet wanted a report if we came upon anything unexplainable like this, so they could keep tabs on us. Record a message for Admiral Lassiter.”

“Ready, sir.”

“Admiral Lassiter, this is your son, Commander Lassiter aboard USS Zenith. Gemini, my darling, we have encountered some severe spacial distortions. All is well on the ship for now. We will follow...”

Nick never finished his message. In an instant, he vanished from the ship, and all eight hundred and seventy one other members of the crew now present vanished along with him.

The Zenith inched along slowly, as the Computer, having assumed that Lassiter was finished recording, uttered one last report.

^Message sent.^

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Meanwhile, following a very adventurous party held aboard the Sera in his honor to celebrate his recovery, Zander Blakeslee takes medical leave on Earth to try to heal completely from injuries, both visible and invisible...

...and Admiral Lassiter must face the truth of her past as she contemplates the possibility that she may never see her only son again.

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With the Sera tethered to space dock for repairs, most of the crew takes shore leave while an old friend makes his way back to the ship and a new arrival takes her first look around.

Salvek and his family depart on the Alchemy to seek healing for him at the most sacred location on Vulcan...

They reached the plateau at last, upon which the Temple sat. Where Vulcans through out history had come to learn the philosophy of logic, cast off their emotions, and attain the Kolinahr.

The guards at the entrance came into view as they drew closer. Their faces were obscured from the eyes down by a black covering, and they wore traditional steel armor from the waist down. Their chests were bare except for a dark blue sash with gold lettering that extended from their right shoulder to the left hip, and looped around their backs. Each man was armed with a staff, which bore the head of an axe at the end.

Kellyn easily read the words on their chests as, Strength of Logic, Strength of Vulcan.

The guard stood motionless as Salvek and Kellyn approached, but one stepped in front of Kellyn as she was about to pass, and brandished his weapon before her.

“Good afternoon,” She said, choosing to let her anger be expressed in an insincere pleasantry.

“She is my mate,” Salvek spoke. The second guard stepped past him, and took up position next to his partner. They crossed the blades of their weapons, effectively allowing Salvek access, but making it impossible for Kellyn to follow.

“I didn’t expect to be welcome here. Never mind that I have said the prayers, learned the mental disciplines, and raised my child in the Vulcan culture,” She spoke to the guards, not to Salvek, who was well aware of Kellyn’s commitment to Vulcan tradition.

She traced the ridges of her nose, “ek’wak Beidzhorsu. (Forever Bajoran).”

She glanced at her husband and nodded slowly. He had to go inside, so there was nothing she could do but wait.


...and Zanh Liis and Keiran O'Sullivan return to Ireland to finish their honeymoon, only to find themselves fighting old fears and heartbreaking memories at every turn.

Soon, Zanh discovers that she and her husband are not the only ones trying to forget.


TC Blane materialized on the sidewalk in front of a large, imposing structure.

The instant he was fully formed, the rain began to sink into him. He closed his eyes, tilting his face up toward the sky and feeling it as it fell. He was glad, for some reason, that the sun was not shining today.

He paced around the building in a circle; considering going inside but in the end deciding against it.

He hated this.

He hated remembering. He hated even more being forced to remember by people asking stupid questions about events that had absolutely no bearing on the life he was living in the here and now.

He hated those events even more when he realized that they did.

The things he'd experienced in the paradox were weighing heavily upon his Captain and those of his crew who had also seen them, and so they weighed heavily upon TC as well.

He saw himself, always, as a man to make things happen. Or more to the point, to make problems go away. He handled things. He managed them and he took action, and then afterward whatever he'd done he always managed to live with it, because he had always done his best.

This time he worried that he wouldn't be able to take any action that could serve the purpose of eradicating the memories in question- other than to face them, one last time.

To look them in the eye and in so doing, take their power and dispel them, once and for all.

In order to do that, there were places he needed to visit. Land he needed to stand upon, in this state of mind and what was more, in the pouring rain. Then, he hoped, he could leave them behind him for good.

To his surprise he soon discovered that he was not the only person trying to win a staring match against Memory today.

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Stars and Midnight Blue by Enya
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The Parting Glass by Shaun Davey(From the soundtrack to Waking Ned)
Clocks by Coldplay
One Headlight by The Wallflowers
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Never Say Never by The Fray
May We Never Have to Say Goodbye by Shaun Davey

"In the Interim"

Temporal Investigations Jumper Captain William Lindsay is recruited by Admiral Lassiter for a special official assignment: to spend six months serving as Interim Director of The Department of Temporal Investigations.

The job comes with a much more important unofficial mission, however; for Lindsay to see if he can uncover the true extent of the curruption that has woven its way through the agency, threatening not only The Alchemy Project but the very foundation and principles of Starfleet itself.

As he prepares to begin his service, Commander Salvek is called upon to answer for his actions during the Romulan rescue mission of his daughter: actions which nearly cost him, and four other members of the Away Team, (including Lindsay) their lives.

As Salvek struggles with the emotional consequences of his decision to meld with the Romulan Taris, the Away Team is reassembled at the secretive headquarters of TI for his Inquiry (as well as debriefing on their experiences with the Paradox.) While there, Zanh Liis, Keiran O'Sullivan, TC Blane and Lindsay himself soon find that any day spent in that location cannot be counted upon to go according to plan.


"William, we've serious business to discuss. You did not accomplish your task."

Now, Lindsay's posture stiffened. He was used to pretty much getting a free-pass from Lassiter no matter what he did or how he did it. To sense disapproval in her was new, and decidedly unwelcome.

"Now howdoya figure that, darlin'?" He pressed on with the charm, easing a hand onto her shoulder and giving a squeeze. "Everything turned out all right in the end. Taris is history, Lair Arie lives, what more could'ye ask of me?"

"That you do as your told." She said bluntly, taking hold of his hand and moving it off of her shoulder.

“Come now, Gemini, you know me.” Will lightly protested, not liking this mood she was in one bit. “I get the job done, just need a bit of room to move, that’s all.”

She shook her head, it was important that she be firm here. “Most agents find a way to get the job done and follow orders at the same time.”

“Aye ‘tis true, that.” Will conceded with an overly exasperated tone and a complete lack of modesty in his voice, making her question his sincerity. “But then most agents don’t have my success record, do they?”

Will’s success record may have been impressive but it was not without certain blotches. Blotches that she wondered if he even considered when he acted.

His confidence in his abilities was a great asset; he’d never second guess a choice when he couldn’t afford to. The double edge of that sword existed in the fact that he’d also never reconsider a choice when he could, or should.

Lassiter saw two potential paths stretching out ahead of him at this point. If he paid attention to life’s little lessons he could one day be Keiran.

If not, he could one day be Jonas, and that was what worried her.

“You’re good, Will.” Lindsay accepted this with a falsely bashful grin, clearly exaggerated. “But that can only carry you so far," she warned. Lindsay’s face took on a gentle seriousness, he looked like he was barely succeeding in hiding a smile, and it was quite intentional.

“Letting Keiran come along was reckless even by your standards," she concluded.

“Well, I always am tryin’ to better meself,” he hoped a light tone might alleviate some of the tension Lassiter was clearly feeling.

It didn’t.

"This is serious. Do you realize what could have happened? One false move on anyone's part and we could have lost the Vulcan, his child, not to mention Zanh and Keiran and," Lassiter now moved back to the table and sat down slowly. "This was way beyond a close call. You really could've been killed, Will."

"Could'a been. Wasn't." He winked at her, employing the habit he'd picked up from O'Sullivan over the years of offering quick, direct replies consisting of few words. "'Sides. Aren't you the one who always told me that 'close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades'?"

Lassiter rubbed her temples, trying to force down a headache that she just couldn’t seem to escape. “Well, perhaps it’s about time I added 'near death experiences' to that list. God, Will, sometimes it’s like you don’t even take the time to consider the potential consequences of your actions!”

She had no idea just how wrong she was there. Will had been doing nothing but consider the potential consequences of his actions, albeit retrospectively. His earlier discussion with Liis had left him with all too clear a picture of exactly what could have gone wrong over there.

It was a disturbing picture to see painted by her in such vivid, living detail; and one he intended to work very hard to blacken out of his memory.

Liis’ tale of when they first met from her perspective, in that small pub in County Cork, still weighed heavily on his mind. He knew Keiran had died in that timeline but Liis’ words made it feel real; as though it actually could really happen. It was strange but even as they fought for their lives aboard Taris' ship, he’d not felt like that.
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'Til Tuesday
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Beautiful Disaster by Jon McLaughlin
Clocks by Coldplay
The Oldest Story in the World by The Plimsouls
Holiday by Green Day
Broken by Lifehouse
Gravity by Embrace
Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla

-=/\=-"Kidnapped"Salvek's greatest adversary returns...

Will the crew of the Serendipity be able to save his daughter from the clutches of the same Romulan woman who murdered his parents?


[Blane to Serendipity, please respond!] TC’s exasperated voice crackled over the speakers.

“We hear you Commander, please report.”

[Lair Kellyn is severely injured, request immediate transport to Sickbay. The Romulans have the Hugreti box.]

Salvek stiffened at the mention of Kellyn’s name. He looked at Briggs, who just shook his head, indicating that transporters were still off line.

“We can’t beam you up, transporters are damaged.”

“Commander, Romulan transports have been activated!” Nye shouted over the conversation.

“Intruder alert, all security personnel…” Salvek’s order was cut off by Nye in mid sentence.

“They aren’t boarding the ship, they are beaming something off. They also have their warp core back on line.” Nye paused, as he waited to see what they were going to do next. “They’ve gone to warp. Heading for Romulan space. They’ve activated their cloak but I can still track them.”

“Let them go, we’ll send a shuttle to retrieve the away team. Any idea what they took?”

“Not what, who. I can’t tell exactly, sensors are malfunctioning.” Nye shook his head as he tried to decipher the readings.

“Abduction?” Salvek raised an eyebrow.

[Hey, Salvek! This is Reece! Look, dude, you gotta get the Doctor down here now, Kellyn is in bad shape.]

“We are assembling a shuttle team, stand by. Computer, are there any persons unaccounted for besides those on the planet?”

^Lair Arie is not on board the Serendipity.^

Salvek staggered back, and slumped into the Command chair. His Vulcan patience had officially been pushed to the limits, and he was barely in control of his emotions.

“Commander,” Nye spoke up, “I can only track the Romulan for another two or three minutes till they move out of sensor range. If we wait for a shuttle launch, we’ll lose them.”

[No way dude, you gotta launch that shuttle or Kellyn will die!] Reece shouted over the open comm.

“If you launch that shuttle you may never see your child again.” Nye did not mean to be harsh, he merely wanted Salvek to understand how grave the situation was. Briggs watched the entire display with one eye on tactical and the other on Salvek.

[You can’t just leave her down here!]

“You can’t just let the Romulans take her!”

[You have to do something!]

“We’re running out of time!”
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Meanwhile, visiting Starfleet physician Lance Hartcort is swept into a crisis situation along with the crew of the Alchemy; currently on assignment on Bajor to try to stop an epidemic.


Suddenly, Azalea wished there was a chair nearby to sit down in. She felt lightheaded just considering what Hartcort was suggesting. "Altered immune response? This is bad."

“This bug is smart. If we come up with a tailored antibody it obviously will work.” He nodded to the scope again. “But only for that person with that strain and there is no guarantee that they will not be re-infected by another strain.” He shook his head. “This is NOT the fever that we thought it was, not any more. This is a whole new virus.”

"Then we are in a whole lot of trouble." Azalea's breath escaped her lips in a slow, deep sigh. "How could this happen?"

“I will tell you one thing, it is the perfect bug.” He looked straight at her. “Too perfect.” He paused, hating with every fiber of his being what he had to tell her next. "I think that someone introduced this new strain into the population via the vaccine..." his words faded.

Azalea blinked several times as she tried to accept what he was proposing. "Intentionally?"

"Well, it would take a breakdown of every modern safety protocol in place for it to happen unintentionally. And I just don't know how plausible that is."

"It's more plausible to think that someone wanted to wipe out a large population of people on their own planet and make it look like an unfortunate accident?"

"Wouldn't be the first time." Lance replied, his voice heavy with concern.

"Ugh." Azalia put her hand to her forehead and sighed. "We really have to go in this direction?"

"I don't see any other choice. But whether or not we can prove that someone did this intentionally and sent the mutated virus to the Plains I can't say. It should be easy enough though to see if the vaccine itself truly is tainted, all we need to do is get our hands on a sample that was meant to go to another Province. The wealthier the Province, the better."
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A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers
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Barbossa is Hungry by Klaus Badelt
South Side by Moby (featuring Gwen Stefani)
Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg
A Little Bit Longer by The Jonas Brothers
Violet Hill by Coldplay
A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay
Amsterdam by Coldplay
Name by Goo Goo Dolls
If I Could Be Where You Are by Enya
My Heart Was Home Again by Josh Groban
Right Back Where I Started From by The Alarm
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You by Sting
Far Away by Nickelback


"The Box"
The Serendipity is dispatched to recover, and open, a mysterious container unearthed on Lethus IV; a world preparing for colonization.

Will the crew be able to solve the mystery of the box and its contents, before it falls into the wrong hands?


"They destroyed their own civilization in their quest for advancement. Sometimes, Commander, I swear maybe we have a little too much in common with them when it comes to their insistence on rushing things."

"How do you mean, exactly?"

"Look at what happened with the Alchemy recently." Lair focused her attention on him fully, holding his steady gaze. "We broke the time barrier. Next thing I know, we're in the middle of a conflict with some other advanced race of aliens that is holding a Federation ship hostage that has future versions of our technology." She stopped walking and lowered her voice so far that TC had to lean closer in order to hear her.

"I heard the talk. The Perseids wasn't ready for the mission they sent her on, that much is a foregone conclusion. But the one thing that no one seems to want to explain to me is how the hell that ship was even built when we are still in the absolute first stages of our work here."

She watched him react and she came to the conclusion that she needed someone in the top three of the command chain that she could confide in and express her concerns to; someone she wasn't married to, and someone who was not the captain. "Commander Blane, I,"

"TC." Blane offered.

"TC." She continued. "When Lassiter was here, she told me that we'd achieved their goal for us. We thought our goal was achieving stable and ever more efficient means of transwarp travel. But do you know what she said 'their' goal was? Breaching the time barrier."

Blane brought his hand back to his chin, stroking it thoughtfully once again.

"So my concern over what has gone on here and continues to go on here hit critical mass when I was faced with the idea of this Hugreti...thing, whatever the hell it is. It could be the only remaining example of the very piece of technology that destroyed them. What if we put into motion something by opening it that can't be stopped? Why are they sending us to do this and not another crew? Something about this whole thing just isn't right, but I can't figure out what it is."

"Are you really this worried about the dangers of ancient Hugreti technology, Lair Kellyn, or are you more worried about us turning into the modern version?"

"I wish I knew which one posed the greatest threat, Commander. Them to us, or us to ourselves."

Meanwhile, the Alchemy is assigned to handle a humanitarian crisis on Bajor with close ties to one of the most beloved members of the Serendipity's crew.

"Doctor Adams?" Dane looked up at her in surprise, expecting to find TC Blane but finding the former Perseids physician instead.

"Mister Cristiane," She said, stacking a heavy crate of medical supplies atop a growing pile.

"Here, let me get that." Dane began to move the crates from the anti-grav unit himself, allowing her a moment to catch her breath.

"Thank you. Did they tell you where we're going?"

"No, just that it was some sort of mercy mission."

"I was due to report to the Takesian Plains on Bajor in about a week's time," Azalea explained, wiping beads of perspiration from her brow with the back of her hand.

"But there's been an outbreak of Vellat Fever in the area, and it's spread to an orphanage in a neighboring province. No one seems to know how it happened, but it's a serious situation and they've asked me to get there as soon as possible.

"Commander Salvek volunteered the Alchemy for the mission with Admiral Lassiter's blessing, and has briefed me on what she can do. We've asked that visiting Doctor Hartcort from the Revolution come along as well. If we took the LMH it would leave the Sera without a senior physician, and we can't do that."

"Don't they have doctors on Bajor?" Dane puzzled. His question was entirely sincere.

"Of course. But Starfleet has major fences to mend when it comes to the mishandling of relief supplies after the disaster in the Plains. Since I was due to go anyway, and since the orphanage involved has strong ties to this ship, the diplomats decided that-"

"Wait." Dane's eyebrow shot up. "Where is this orphanage?"

"In Altaan."

Dane's heart fell to his feet.

That was the orphanage where Zanh Liis had grown up, the one where elderly Vedek Timal was still in charge.

"They didn't tell Zanh Liis, did they?" He hated to think that the one chance she and Keiran had ever had for some peace would be taken away before it had even begun.

"No. Blane and Salvek concurred there was no point in telling her, since there is literally nothing she can personally do about it. Vellat Fever is a childhood disease that poses more of a threat to adult Bajorans, and this strain seems to have mutated. It's apparently able to infect even those who had the disease as children. Therefore, Captain Zanh couldn't go there to help if she wanted to, Starfleet would never allow it."

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Viva la Vida, by Coldplay
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Talk by Coldplay
It's the End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine by REM

"Two Lights"
The Cascade was stopped...but not before creating an anomaly terrifying enough to put fear into the hearts of the most seasoned Temporal Investigations agents.

An Alternate Continuity Paradox

Will History win again, or will love conquer all this time?


"I don't understand what you're saying," Zanh insisted, "so you'd better tell me again."

"You fixed the error in progress, Zanh Liis. The mission was a complete success."

TEMA agents Tred and Fen stood in her Ready Room addressing her; Fen was the one speaking now.

"Fixed it?"

Liis picked up one of the two enormous pieces of rose quartz that served as bookends on the shelf opposite her desk.

She hefted it into the air once, twice, and the third time she caught it, she spun and smashed it into the elaborate stained glass artwork behind her desk, causing a staggaring, shattering sound.


She ignored the bits of glass that had imbedded themselves into her arms right through her uniform as the pane had exploded on impact. She picked up the sickeningly familiar envelope that sat on her desk top.

"Keiran is gone," she struggled for every word. "You tell me how it's fixed."
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Meanwhile, Jariel Camen continues on a journey of self discovery that leads him in a direction that he never imagined.

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Hymne a l'Amour, Josh Groban
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The Best Days by Graham Colton
Lost! by Coldplay
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Love is the End by Keane
Farewell to Yesterday from Lifescapes Celtic Dreams
Right Back Where I Started From by The Alarm
Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant
Be Thou My Vision/Slane from Lifescapes Celtic Spirit
The Night Sky by Keane
Walk Forever By My Side (acoustic) The Alarm

"The Cascade Effect"
The 'people upstairs' at The Department of Temporal Investigations need to stop a catastrophe, already in progress.

They know exactly who they want for the job.

Going undercover into the unknown, can Zanh, Blane, and a handful of their crew succeed in saving the son of an old friend, and perhaps that friend as well in the bargain?


"Who is your set point, Jonas?"

"What?" Vox' mouth fell open.

"Your set point. Every TI agent former and current has one. Jariel was mine, I'm Keiran's, and I want to know who the hell yours is."

"Only the weaker agents need those." Vox replied dismissively, cold as stone. "Those of us who are true professionals don't have one."

Zanh Liis uttered two very profane words in response to his statement before saying anything else.

"You can call me what you want, but don't you ever call him weak. You'll never be half the man that he is." She shifted her weight from foot to foot. "Speaking of O'Sullivan, do what you want to me, Jonas. But you should know that he had no control over any of this. Don't punish him because of my,"

Before she could finish, Vox held up his hand. "None of it matters now." Vox reached into the top drawer of his desk, pulled out an envelope, and tossed it across the desk in Zanh's general direction. "Open it."

Liis clasped her arms behind her back, holding her head up high in silent refusal.

"Open it. That is an order."

"You don't get to give me orders anymore."

Vox sighed with great frustration and turned the envelope over to show her the front. He pointed to it, where her name had been hand-written in very familiar script.

Liis felt dizzy, the wind knocked out of her as she realized what this meant. "No." She took a step back and wrapped her arms around her shoulders.

Vox violently ripped the envelope open, and then dumped the contents out onto the top of his desk.

Time seemed to stand still as Liis watched the items fall out and tumble onto the shining black surface. She took inventory of them in her mind as each finally came to rest.

A folded piece of paper.

An envelope sealed with crimson wax.

A rosary.

A large gold ring.

"No," she repeated, her voice warning Vox off as she stared at the ring in disbelief. "Don't say it."

"Keiran O'Sullivan is dead, Zanh Liis."


Meanwhile, Salvek once again takes command of the Alchemy, under orders to meet up with the now-repaired Serendipity at the site of intense negotiations for valuable dilithium mining rights in the Galador system...Read the first post of this plot arc here...

Mission Soundtrack

Apologize by OneRepublic
Marble Halls by Enya
Give it Time by Jon McLaughlin
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24 by Jem
"RSVP: Regrets Only"Status: Completed

Still reeling from the loss of two members of their crew (for very different reasons) the Sera's senior staff boards the USS Alchemy bound for Betazed, with Salvek in command.

Will the trip end up having much greater significance than they imagined when they were first invited to the arranged Bonding of Counselor Vol Tryst?
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Mission Soundtrack:
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, performed by Michael Ball (From Les Miserables)
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Blaze of Glory by The Alarm (from Electric Folklore)
If I Talk to God by The Last Goodnight
Killing Me by the Graham Colton Band
Viva la Vida by Coldplay
The Night Sky(For WARCHILD) by Keane
Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale
May It Be by Enya
On My Way Home by Enya
(Say) All I Need by OneRepublic
Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick
Everything by Lifehouse
So Close by John McLaughlin
Shattered by O.A.R.
What Would Happen if We Kissed by Meredith Brooks
Sympathy by Goo Goo Dolls


"Paved with Good Intentions"
Status: Completed

When a species of emotional healers takes an interest in "saving" the Sera's crew from their negative emotions, will their covert attempts to help backfire, destroying Keiran O'Sullivan, Zanh Liis, and the timeline as we know it in the process?
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Songs the writers were inspired by during the creation of this plot arc. . .

These Hard Times by Matchbox 20
Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) by Hans Zimmer
Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet
Your Wildest Dreams by Moody Blues
I Know You're Out There Somehwere by Moody Blues
Ballad of a Well Known Gun by Elton John
With Or Without You by U2
Fallen Embers by Enya
When The Stars Go Blue by The Corrs
Awake by Josh Groban
My Immortal by Evanescence
Hymne a l'Amour by Josh Groban
To Where You Are by Josh Groban
Is There Something I Should Know by Duran Duran
The Heart of the Matter by Don Henley
To Go Beyond (II) By Enya
Come What May from Moulin Rouge
You Are Loved by Josh Groban
Message in a Bottle by The Police
Gimmee Shelter by The Rolling Stones
All I Need by Mat Kearney
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Status: Completed

What happens to a society entirely dependent upon technology when it loses control of the mechanical being entrusted with maintaining it?
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"The Learning Curve"

Status: Completed

The USS Serendipity is released from space dock once again, with repairs to the Alchemy continuing as the crew begins their first true shake-down flight.

Captain Zanh calls for sweeping cross-departmental training exercises, and all must brush up on the basic skills that may have grown rusty since their Academy days, as well as take on new challenges designed specifically to push them out of their professional (and in some instances, personal) comfort zone.

In addition, with the new Counselor settling in aboard ship, Starfleet and the Admiral Vox send word that it's time for the Senior Staff to undergo their annual mental-fitness examinations. . .
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Status: Completed

Recovering from the brutal 626 mission and forced to return to Utopia Planetia for repairs to both the Sera and the Alchemy, it looks as if the hard-working Serendipity crew is about to be granted a few weeks' shore leave.

Promotions have been awarded: to Lt. Commander Breaux, and Lt. Rada Dengar. But even as the planning of a party to celebrate their promotions begins, the dark pull of the past exerts its power over some of the crew, and each must take different path to try to clear the ghosts away and finally move beyond them.

For a few, shore leave promises to end up as anything but a vacation.

Rada seeks answers to an unsolved mystery from his past, Avery is caught in a web of intrigue as he tries to keep the past from overtaking the present, and February comes to the realization that where you've come from does not determine where you're going.
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Status: Completed

Just out of space dock, the USS Serendipity is sent on a surprising maiden voyage, with orders to investigate why a star in Earth's system is going nova long before its time.

En route, Commander TC Blane discovers that all eyes are fixed upon their every move, and that the walls have ears. . .

After security sweeps both the Sera and Alchemy to try to rid them of all covert surveillance devices, the Alchemy is dispatched to approach the fiery star and study the phenomenon up close.

Suffering the effects of destructive shears caused by the star, Alchemy's fate hangs in the balance as the Engineering crew fights to restore the ship's damaged systems, despite struggling with their emotions after one of their own falls in the line of duty. . .

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And the mission that started it all..."
The Good Fight"