The Year is 2389

The Federation and its allies continue in their efforts to rebuild the fleets and civilizations left devastated by the Dominion War. Even though the conflict ended more than a decade ago, it is proving more difficult to rebuild the spirit of trust between worlds than any part of the physical infrastructure.
Governments forced to make agonizing strategic decisions during the fighting are finding that even the closest of former allies can have a very long memory. Lines drawn and loyalties withdrawn on the field of battle remain points of contention, throughout the Federation. 
This has left the ruling Council with a lot of fences to mend on the diplomatic front. Research and development of new technologies pushed to the back-burner during the war effort are now returning to the fore, as the highest priority of Command. 
With the bare bones of the fleet reconstructed and the fragile bridges of peace holding, at least for now, Starfleet resumes traveling the path of exploration and experimentation, rediscovering the sense of wonder that is the very core of Federation values. Never has there been a more exciting time to be a Starfleet officer. 
Join us aboard the USS Serendipity NCC-2012 as part of The Alchemy Project, and become part of the adventure as we test these new technologies, building the foundation of tomorrow with every step we take today.
Star Trek: Alchemy 
 The future is no longer ahead of us.  
History starts now