Our Mission

The USS Serendipity has been commissioned by Starfleet as a 'troubleshooter' vessel, designed to travel quickly- and never stay in one location for too long.

Just beneath the 'on the record' mission of exploring scientific phenomena and putting out fires around the quadrant, lies a deeper, covert operation demanding a crew of varied talents, backgrounds, and experiences.

Serendipity (or, the "Sera" to her crew) will be the ambulatory research lab within which the newest and most ambitious ship design to date will be tried, tested, and refined in order to conjure the future with every stride it makes.

That ship is the USS Alchemy, NX 53099.

The Alchemy, first in its class, is an evolving experiment in trans-warp and temporal technology. Prized technologies sought by many- will have to be nurtured and protected if The Alchemy Project is to be declared a success.

History will be our judge as we take on the challenges that lie just beyond the shipyards at Utopia Planetia.

The future is no longer ahead of us- history starts now. . .