The Adventure Begins

As the year 2387 drew to a close, Starfleet captain and former Temporal Investigations Agent Zanh Liis was in a lot of trouble.

After her abduction from the bridge of her command- right before the eyes of her senior staff- she fell into the hands of the Ferengi underworld. It didn't take long for her to realize that her greedy captors had a much darker fate in mind for her than just selling her on the open slave market.

The Ferengi had a very willing and high-paying buyer lined up for this special transaction; the Romulan Empire.

With time running out and the critical information she possessed in jeopardy, Zanh was forced to make a desperate choice. She had no way to know that her loyal friends and former crew mates were already on the hunt for her aboard the untried and dangerous prototype ship, the USS Alchemy.

Little did Commander Salvek know as he led the mission, that this was only the beginning when it came to Starfleet's plan for him, and for the experimental ship that he designed for them in secret, so many years ago.

This is where our story begins. . .

As 2388 begins, the weary Alchemy crew is ordered to return to Earth.

Their mission completed, the whole of Alchemy's crew finds they are facing reassignment, and an uncertain future as pioneers living on the cutting edge of the final frontier.

Star Trek: Alchemy: The future is no longer ahead of us- history starts now.

Assignment: USS Serendipity NCC-2012

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