The Best of Star Trek: Alchemy

Members of crew recommend some of their favorite examples of our work from 2008

With some seven hundred posts being written in the first year and plot arcs spanning three thousand pages of text, it's very difficult to choose favorites among the chapters we've written together.

This is why I do not select 'posts of the month'. Asking me to choose between the works submitted by our writers would be like asking me to choose between air and water.

Yet, I have asked some of our writers to do just that and pick out what they believe to be our finest moments over the past year. I hope that you'll enjoy these posts as much as we did (and still do).



Commander Salvek's choices:

Post which best describes the character(s) below?

Salvek:Quality Time, and Affirmation

Jariel Camen: More Questions Than Answers: Two

Dabin Reece: Please Please, Tell Me Now

*Keiran O'Sullivan (*Secondary Writer)The Letter

What are your favorite Joint Post(s) that you've worked on?

I’ll Take What’s in the Box, Monty!

Tending the Flock series

The Moment

Favorite posts by any or all of your crew mates?

Rada Dengar: A Thousand Reasons

Ensign Hok: Decisions

TC Blane: The Last Sip

Zander Blakeslee: A Promise Fulfilled

Vol Tryst: No More Pretend

Lair Kellyn: The 3:14 From Nowhere et al

February Grace: May I Have Your Attention Please

Fleur Le Marc: Revealed

Zanh Liis: Once Upon a Time One and Two

Do you have a favorite Joint Post written by other members of crew?

Rule Thirty-Three

Given the Choice

The Only Right 1 and 2

Just Fine

Going Down

What was your favorite plot arc since we started a year ago?

The Good Fight (First mission, Zanh rescue) and Kidnapped (Taris/Arie)

What do you think is the funniest post of the year?

Reduced to This

Favorite dramatic post(s)?


Easier Said

A Handful of the Ocean One and Two


Favorite Action Sequences?

Ballroom Blitz

The Force Behind it All

Have any favorite random quotes/passages of dialog?

"He flushed the little towel from by the sink!" ~Thomas Blakeslee (as told by Lair Kellyn, in the post Reduced to This)


"So, how about you Danger? Chinese?"

“Actually, I’m not really hungry…” Rada really was hungry, but since the first meal he shared with Breaux of his hometown dishes, he had decided that he wouldn’t eat any Terran food that he hadn’t at least run under a tricorder first.

“Oh, come on. Everyone else is eating. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out. How about a leaf of stir-fried beef? A fork of sweet and sour pork? A smidgen of salt baked pigeon?”

It seemed that the commander really wanted him to eat and so he relented. “Perhaps I’ll just have what Kellyn’s having.” Rada didn’t know what a Szechuan was but he had eaten chicken before and liked it, if his memory served it was nice and bland.

“There we go. I knew I’d get you to eat.” Reece said as he gave Rada an encouraging pat on the back. “Now, what else would you like?”

“Really the chicken will be enough,” Rada replied.

“How about just a little Kung Pao Shrimp on the side?”

“Really, I’m fine,” Rada replied.

“Really? You won’t have just a tiny bit?” Reece asked again, demonstrating by bringing his thumb and forefinger together just how small it could be.

“Really,” Rada confirmed.

“It could just be a tiny, tiny, tiny….” Reece would have kept emphasizing how small it was for ten more tinys but Kellyn objected through the window.

“Leave the poor man alone.”(Dialog for all three characters written by Rada Dengar for the post I'll Take What's in the Box, Monty!)

Commander Blane's choices (pending)

Lt. Commander Dengar's choices:

Which post best defines who your character is?

Imitation of Life: Two

What is/are your favorite Joint Post(s)that you've worked on?

Sufficient Distraction

Just Fine

What is/are your favorite post(s) by your crew mates (any or all of them)

Point of Decision

The Last Sip

Final Jeopardy

Do you have a favorite Joint Post that was written by someone else?

Blank Canvas

What was your favorite plot arc since we started a year ago?


What do you think was the funniest post of the year?

Please, Please, Tell Me Now

Favorite dramatic post?


Favorite Action Sequences?

In Plain Sight, Part Two

Counselor Tryst's choices (pending)

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